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The Lyman Group, Inc.

The Lyman Group, Inc. is an agribusiness holding company and a California agri-service leader.  Our history dates back to the early 1950’s and the original startup of the Harvey Lyman Chemical company by founder Harvey Lyman.

The Lyman Group specializes in providing added value services to a diversified range of conventional and organic growers, with crop specialties ranging form grains and legumes to row crops and vegetables, orchards and premium wine grape vineyards.

Our four divisions work independently, while retaining close teamwork within the Lyman Group and with affiliate The Tremont Group and its operating divisions.

Our company’s wise investments in people, product lines, manufacturing capacity, transportation and technology translate into an exceptional mix of added value services and resources for grower success.

We pride ourselves in our committed, long term employee base and management team comprised of people who know farming and agri-business.  They provide the strong foundation that translates into market area and agricultural industry leadership.

Our company’s values, our emphasis on a quality workplace environment for our employees and our passion for providing added value service for growers are what we are known for - a reputation we strive to build on every day.


The 1954 Ford Truck pictured above, with one of the company’s first employees, Lloyd Barnes, standing beside it,  was the first company vehicle purchased by founder Harvey Lyman.  After all these years, that truck remains a part of the company and can be seen at our Walnut Grove office.  Check out a photo to see how it looks today.


Added value for grower success


Our retail operations provide added value for grower success. That’s our competitive advantage. Its what we do best.

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Wise Investments for Agri-service Growth


Wise investments are essential for our growth, industry leadership and for delivering added value for grower success.

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Harvey Lyman Company named winner of prestigious Environmental RESPECT Award by DuPont. 

Environmental Respect Award

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The Lyman Group Agri Service Divisions

The Lyman Group has five operating divisions located throughout northern California.  They serve a wide variety of successful conventional and organic growers.


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Enjoy the scenic beauty of northern and central California agriculture.  Go to our California Ag Beauty Gallery to enjoy more images of the areas we serve through out our Lyman Group divisions.